Wine Storage

Common Wine Storage Errors

Congratulations on finding the perfect wine to express your personal taste and you love it! Now what? Most of us don't have a wine cellar, and most of us don't buy wines that we expect to store while they age. Here are some tips for short-term storage.

What about buying in bulk? Unless you are having friends over or otherwise will be enjoying all that wine within a few days, you're going to have the problem of storing all those bottles properly. You are risking heat or oxidation. Lots of bad things happen to wine that is exposed to constant temperature changes and improper storage over time.

What about the old advice to store bottles on their sides? True. Even with those few bottles you expect to enjoy within a few days, lay those bottles down. Corks are porous and if you let them dry out, they will get brittle and some of your precious wine will evaporate or even spoil.

What about the refrigerator? That's not a bad idea if you have the room in there. But put the bottles somewhere the temperature is more constant. Not right in front and not in the door, where the constant opening and closing will mean constant temperature changes. Put them in the meat drawer or vegetable drawer - that will mean laying them down so the cork stays moist, as well as keeping a more constant temperature.

A quick chill can be accomplished in the freezer. Oh sure, but I personally have forgotten a bottle in there and there goes the quality if that wine gets close to freezing. Do what some restaurants do: put your bottle in ice water, it will chill quickly and there it is on the counter so you won't forget to serve it.

Save an open bottle for later. Maybe you have one of those reusable corks and the little tool that sucks out the air so the wine is preserved. But do they really work? Actually once a bottle is opened, the wine is already exposed and will begin to lose its essence. If you don't finish it in one evening, you can try saving it this way, but don't expect it to be perfect the next day.

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