Il Torrazzo Nuvoli

The Torrazzo was a medieval settlement with the name of Marcellengo, home to a church dedicated to St. Vincent, led by a priest and linked to the Abbey of the Holy Apostles of Asti. The only vestige of Marcellengo still safe and visible is the tower, and so the entire township is Torrazzo of San Damiano.

The construction of the tower was commissioned December 22, 1223 in an agreement between Guido, Abbot of the Holy Apostles, and Gerardo Manaria mayor of Asti, in which the abbot decreed that the tower and palace casone (castle wall) be constructed within three years at the mayor’s expense.

In 1274 much of the town and castles in the area were destroyed and the inhabitants moved, but the tower itself was spared because it was considered an important lookout point.

In June of 1574 Gabriele Nuvoli purchased the property, which has been in the family ever since.

The vineyard is spread from east to west,on the ridge of the steep hill, and the vines - ancient rows of barbera grapes - come to the foot of the tower.

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