About Wines By Kathy

Wines By Kathy is about stories.  We are about you, about your own tastes, about your personality and your lifestyle.  You will not find your current favorite here, our wines are not mass produced and they are not found in every corner wine shop.  They are those hidden gems, those family treasures, those something-different wines that could be your little gem, your treasure, your story.

There are few things in life that are more personal than the wine you choose.

Wine is about more than what's on the label. Wines By Kathy gives you a lot more to make your choice: history of the winery, the family, a helpful taste profile, how much is released from year to year. And we hope you come back often, we will be constantly adding to our Wine List to bring you plenty of choices.

You may not fall in love with every one of them.  But you will find several that are to your own personal taste and fit your own personal lifestyle.  

Each selection on Wines By Kathy will provide the opportunity to intertwine the wine's unique story with your own.  Whether you're shopping for a gift, trying to find a new go-to wine for yourself, or if you're in the mood for a little experimentation, Wines By Kathy will help you match your tastes, your personality, and even your state of mind with the best wine to reflect the perfect "you" at this time in your life, for this occasion, for this gift.  

There are so many choices within the world of wine!  Experiement, try something new, something different.  What a delight awaits those who discover a treasure within that world!    

We want to help you make your own best wine choice, wines that complement your own story and become part of your lifestyle, part of you.  And then - share your next story with the ones you love.

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