Ronco Cucco Chardonnay 2013


Italy. Friuli. Ronco Cucco Chardonnay 2013 750ml

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What were you doing on April 5, 1499?

Originally this winery produced Monte Cucco wines because the vineyards are in the Monte Cucco hills. After some years, Italian Tuscany laws designated Monte Cucco a DOC of Tuscany, so the use of "Monte Cucco" as a wine name was no longer possible. And so the name became "RONCO CUCCO" meaning vineyards on the top of the hill Monte Cucco. The word Ronco in Italian/Friulan means the top of a hill.

This has been our world, our labor, since the winery was established on April 5, 1499.

Category: Chardonnay DOC Isonzo
Grapes: 100% chardonnay
Vineyard name: Monte Fortino
Soils: Sandstone-marl
Orientation: North-south
Elevation: 90 metres
Training system: Guyot 2.40 X 1.00 m

Harvest: 17-21 September 2009
Production in bottles: 3,300

Vinification: After gentle pressing of the grapes, the must is cryo-settled, then ferments in 225l oak barrels. The wine rests on the lees until the following May, with frequent bâttonage to keep the lees in suspension.

Sensory profile: A superbly-structured white wine, with good alcoholic warmth. A gold-flecked yellow, it releases scents of ripe apple and banana. The full-bodied palate shows a fine balance between weight and alcohol, while it finishes with an elegant hint of vanilla, making at a real pleasure to drink.

Serving suggestions: The perfect partner to full-flavoured first courses, all lighter meats, and baked fish. Enjoy chilled. Technical data: Alcohol:14.2% – Total acidity: 5.2g/l

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